Collin Jacobson

President & CEO

Collin was born in Lansing, MI but moved to Atlanta, GA at an early age. Growing up in Atlanta, sports were a significant part of his life. Whether it was playing baseball for Georgia’s All-State youth team or being vertically challenged while playing basketball, Collin has always had a massive competitive side to him. Shortly before high school, his family relocated to Brighton, MI, where Collin immediately got involved in the school’s baseball and wrestling programs. Living in Michigan, boats, wakeboarding, and bonfires were a way of life.

Collin attended Central Michigan University, where he graduated with degrees in Organizational Communication and Business Administration. Present day, Collin can be found on the golf course on the weekends or drinking a Corona on the beach. He is a massive fan of movies and can often be heard quoting Will Ferrell on the regular. Among his many goals, a few include paying off his parent’s mortgage, owning a large acre property in northern Michigan on a lake, and providing the same career opportunity that he was given to others.